Discover Canada’s renowned wildlife on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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Explore the South chilcotin Mountains

Recharge Away from Daily Distractions

Get involved in land & wildlife conservation

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Let this wilderness awaken a sense of wonder and inspire new possibilities for yourself, your family and your future

“I visited the ranch last June and it was the most beautiful experience I could ask for. They work with an organization for nature protection which I really like!”
Chilcotin Holidays Wildlife viewing adventure
Fenja N
from USA

Are you ready to...

See wildlife in a whole new way

  • Experience the thrill of tracking Canada’s wildlife in its natural habitat

Share new experiences

  • Every day this wilderness delivers new challenges and adventures

Be a wildlife warrior

  • Your trip supports ongoing conservation projects and includes hands-on conservation experience

Bring your love for nature and a spirit of adventure.
We’ll bring the rest.

Don’t miss your chance to...

  • Explore a wilderness full of adventure
  • Share special moments and experiences you’ll remember forever
  • Escape the distractions of daily life in our remote mountain setting
  • Connect with nature and yourself, and help others do the same
  • Discover what you’re made of as you take on new challenges
  • Join in real conservation projects that safeguard the local ecosystem

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Chilcotin Holidays is a Canadian treasure: 1.5 million acres of fresh air and mountain bliss. You will begin to smile ten minutes after you arrive and you won’t stop until you leave. No photos can do justice to the views you will take in. Pristine perfection. You will be in awe of nature and immersed in Heaven.

Rich V

We’ve spent 9 days on the ranch, me my brother and 3 children (aged 4-6). We absolutely loved the experience, the adventure we had on Chilcotin Holidays. The ranch has a very calming atmosphere, but if you are looking for an adventure, you can get it there too! We’ve been hiking, wildlife viewing, spent a day on an Indian rodeo, fed the chickens and watched the beauty of the horses! The children were so happy running around all day and playing with whatever they found. 

Iris G

OMG This was the most amazing authentic trip that I have been on. The Staff was outstanding with there willingness to help and to teach you things that you would just take for granted. The views were breath taking! From the minute I arrived to the minute I left (which was hard) I felt welcome and taken care of. But the knowledge that is at the Ranch is unbelievable.


Thank you Chilcotin Holidays for a fabulous vacation! It exceeded my expectations. Our all women team of guide and guides in training were fantastic and inspirational in their strength, knowledge, and resourcefulness. Kristin, Angy and Veronika were amazing. 


All in all we saw about 20 bald eagles which was just stunning for us Europeans. We had a WhatsApp group with 30 people to connect with friends and family at home. Now all of them want to come and see the ranch and we are planning the next stay already. Thank you a thousand times for this experience!!

Gef and Konstantin

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Grizzly & Black Bear Tracking & Conservation

Ranch Based

Wolf Tracking & Conservation

Ranch Based

Eagle Scouting, Birdwatching & Conservation

Ranch Based

Cougar & Mountain Lion Tracking & Conservation

Ranch Based

Bighorn Sheep Tracking & Conservation

Ranch Based

Wildlife Viewing & Conservation

Ranch Based

5% of each trip supports conservation efforts in the South Chilcotin Mountains

A walk on the wild side that brings you to the heart of the wilderness.

Experience the wilderness by taking a walk in their tracks.

Our kind of wildlife tourism involves more than simple wildlife viewing. We want you to experience nature through the eyes of those who know it best: the animals who call this place home. From explaining the instincts and habits of our local wildlife to teaching you how to track these magnificent creatures, our guides take every opportunity to turn your wildlife adventures into meaningful experiences- ones that broaden your understanding of Canadian wildlife and bring you closer to nature.

A place like no other…

The South Chilcotin Mountains are among the best areas for wildlife viewing. Our 5,000 square kilometer territory is located between the Coast Mountains and Chilcotin Plateau- a unique transition zone that fosters incredible biodiversity. Our wildlife adventures provide the rare opportunity to observe grizzly bears, eagles, wolves, California Bighorn Sheep, and mountain lions in one place- something that is rarely possible outside of a zoo.

Whether you’re exploring the sub-alpine meadows or expansive network of lakes in our wildlife adventures, you’ll get to experience wilderness that is still wild. The wildlife viewing territory surrounding our ranch is remotely located and undisturbed by modern industrialization. The pristine quality of our natural habitats attracts large populations of rare animals and fosters healthy growth of species numbers. With over 25 years of wildlife viewing in this territory, we have an in depth understanding of each population’s seasonal fluctuations. We use this insider knowledge to perfectly time each of our species-focused all inclusive vacations, giving you the best opportunity to observe some of Canada’s most magnificent wildlife. We know your time and this wilderness are incredibly valuable, and we’re not about to waste either resource.

A Different Kind of Wildlife Tourism

On our wildlife adventures, we want you to have an authentic encounter with nature. That’s why we’re not content to just show you Canadian wildlife; we want you to take a walk in their tracks and see the wilderness as they do. During each stage of your wildlife viewing experience, we focus on the instincts of the animals that drive their movements and behaviors. So you won’t just see animals, you’ll understand why they’re there. From the species-specific map orientation upon your arrival to the insights your guide shares along the way, each experience will build your knowledge base of these amazing creatures.

So while our approach to wildlife tourism may not be the most traditional, it’s certainly driven by a purpose: to bring you closer to nature as you learn to see the wilderness in a whole new way.

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