Western Frontier

Saddle up and photograph Cowboys, Horses and Ranch Life in the South Chilcotin Mountains

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be a Professional Photographer?

Many of us fantasize of packing our passports and cameras and traveling to fascinating lifestyles to capture stunning photographs for publication. At Chilcotin Holidays, we're offering you the opportunity to take one step closer to that dream.

Plan on spending four inspiring days, on a western frontier ranch in the South Chilcotin Mountains. Only at Chilcotin Holidays will you have this unique opportunity to participate in this photographic experience getting photos of wilderness, nature, cowboys and horses with a small group of eight dedicated photographers, during four exciting days of photographing the Western Frontier lifestyle and unforgettable landscapes and wildlife.

After photographing our horses running through the forests and meadows from their evening pastures down to the barn, you will have the opportunity to photograph saddling up procedures and receive comprehensive orientations in saddling, shoeing and riding by the ranch hands at Chilcotin Holidays. Afterwards, two skilled Trail Guides will lead you away from the ranch for daily excursions on horseback, to capture a wonderful collection of western-themed photographs.

What You'll See Along The Trail And At The Ranch

Chilcotin Holidays is uniquely situated between young snow-capped peaks and older, dry plateaus, providing incredibly distinct landscapes to photograph. Choose from one of several trails that lead away from the ranch, and pass by or through wide River Valleys, spectacular Alpine Meadows and awesome Mountain Peaks.

Because of our location in the rain shadow of the Pacific Range Coast Mountains, we are virtually guaranteed a bug-free environment and predictably sunny days with star-filled nights. The perfect way to start and end each day by taking full advantage of that special light during the “magic hour.” Position your cameras and watch as the rising sun kisses the peak of each mountain, one after another, as it rises higher into the morning sky and drops in to the horizon.

Nature repeats its seasonal patterns, year after year, and depending on when you decide to join us, you might encounter some or all of the wildlife species found locally. Species such as Bald Eagles, Grizzly Bears, Cinnamon Bears - a color phase of the Black Bear - Big Horn Sheep and Mountain Goats.

Bring several memory cards to hold the hundreds of photographs you'll want to keep

We've set aside May through October to host these unique photographic excursions into the South Chilcotin Mountains. The program, we have prepared for you, is designed for small groups with a maximum of eight participants, and offers personal instruction, as well as group discussions.

Whether you plan on producing your photographs on an iPhone or on a full-featured DSLR with interchangeable lenses, we will highlight the fundamentals of composition, lighting and design, with an emphasis on the image. We will share with you our approach and insights regarding tight deadlines, and how to maximize your time. This is especially important when conditions are less than optimal and your window of opportunity is short. At the end of each day, time will be set aside for a recap of the day’s events as well as teaching the fundamentals of image processing with Adobe Lightroom, the industry standard software used by photographers needing to effectively process large volumes of images.

A mutual passion for the Environmental Conservation and Stewardship

At Chilcotin Holidays, a respect for the environment and an unfaltering commitment to responsible stewardship of the land educates every decision we make. Walking the talk and accepting this responsibility requires a deep understanding of the ecological balance upon which the wildlife relies for its very survival, and a commitment to protect it. We will share our philosophies on environmental conservation and stewardship.

Unlike other photography tours, we challenge you to go beyond simply improving your photographic skills. By joining our tour, you have acknowledged that you appreciate the ecological importance of the wildlife and its habitats, wild river valleys and colorful alpine meadows, and so we challenge you to become enthusiastic advocates for responsible environmental stewardship. The louder our voices, the greater our mutual success in protecting these magnificent landscapes and the wildlife they support.

While traveling through the back-country, you will participate in our efforts, by recording wildlife sightings of the various wildlife species, as well as collecting Grizzly Bear hair samples from territorial marker trees. By assisting in this way, you will be helping us to gather valuable data that contribute to accurate population estimates and determine healthy carrying capacities for the various significant wildlife that call these valleys and mountains home.


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