Ghost Towns

A Photographic Tribute To The Cariboo-Chilcotin's Ghost Towns & Mining Camps

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If you're serious about your photography, then you've probably dreamt of packing your passport and camera bag, and flying off to far-flung corners of the earth to photograph colorful people, exotic customs and breathtaking landscapes. At Chilcotin Holidays, we're offering you the opportunity to spend four unforgettable days in one of those awe-inspiring locations, participating in a unique Photography Tours.

Join us if you have a keen interest in photographing Ghost Towns and Landscapes, as we share our knowledge and experiences with a small group of eight avid photographers during four exciting days. Weather conditions in the Chilcotin Mountains are unusually stable and typically sun-filled, offering predictable opportunities to take advantage of that special light during the “magic hour” at the start and end of each day.

Ghost Towns Come To Life

A haunting and yet a fascinating journey awaits the enthusiastic travelers as they embark on an exploration of the spirit of people who’ve walked this path before us and of the objects left behind. Here is an opportunity to capture the heritage in photographs. The very mention of ghost towns will pique the interest of those who seek them out. Such places lost are the most romantic, historical themes that British Columbia has to offer.

How could once thriving boomtowns lie abandoned and falling in to ruin? Many have disappeared leaving hardly a trace. What happened to their hundreds of inhabitants? Some have been abandoned and re-populated several times, only to be re-abandoned. While there are more than 300 ghost town sites in BC, mostly associated with the mining industry, the term “ghost town” is applied liberally to describe practically any mountain town, mining camp or even random collection of shanties that were, at some point, abandoned. Regardless of arguments over definitions, there is intriguing history behind every location.

Much of British Columbia's history was built on mining and forestry, and within a half-day drive from Vancouver, reaching deep into the spectacular interior, awaits a photographer's paradise. Once home to some of the largest gold deposits in North America, although the mining operations may be long gone, a few sturdy souls hold on to a way of life that is reminiscent of a bygone era.

The very names of communities such as Gold Bridge and Brexton conjure up images of abandoned mine shafts, flumes and rail cars. Chilcotin Holidays is uniquely situated to take advantage of this valuable heritage, by being strategically located within a short driving distance of several old mining communities. Communities long abandoned when the mines closed, but leaving behind their dusty streetscapes, churches and stone chimneys, left standing as reminders of a more prosperous past.

If your timing is just right, you may also have the opportunity to attend and photograph a Professional Native-Rodeo during the Lillooet Lake Rodeo in Pemberton in May, or Dip Netting Salmon on the Fraser River by members of the local native community in Lillooet during July and August.

Against the backdrop of majestic South Chilcotin Mountain peaks, every photographic composition is a keeper

This opportunity to join this photo tour is being offered between May and November. The tour is designed to provide you with a unique experience, in small groups with a maximum of eight participants. We will lay the foundation for becoming a National Geographic Creative photographer, by reviewing the fundamentals of photographic composition, lighting and design, with an emphasis on the image, whether produced with an iPhone or the latest DSLR camera.

We will also draw on our experience with short lead times, and share with you our personal insights regarding how to maximize your time, especially when your window of opportunity may be limited and under less than ideal conditions. One-on-one instruction as well as group discussions, combined with daily critique and review of your photographs, followed by the fundamentals of image processing with Adobe Lightroom for those wanting post-processing instruction.

A mutual passion for Environmental Conservation and Stewardship

Underpinning everything we do at Chilcotin Holidays is a respect for the environment and an unflinching commitment to responsible stewardship of the land. Accepting this responsibility requires an understanding of the natural conditions that sustain the wildlife that depend on it, and a dedication to protect them. If you share our interest in Environmental Conservation and Stewardship, so unlike other photography tours, your participation will expose you to an education like no other. By choosing to join our tour, you have recognized the intrinsic beauty and ecological importance of these majestic peaks, wild river valleys and colorful alpine meadows. With exposure and understanding comes responsibility.

While traveling between locations or on the ground, you will be recording wildlife sightings such as Grizzly Bears, Cinnamon Bears (one of many color phases of the Black Bear unique to British Columbia), mountain goats, wolves, bighorn sheep and moose which are common in spring and early summer.

Remember that this Tour Focuses on Mining Towns in the South Chilcotin Mountains and is offered between May and November and is limited to eight participants per session.


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