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Amazing Bike Tours

From the mountain tops, life takes on a new brilliance. Somehow … the air is sweeter … and the possibilities more magnificent.

Experience a mountain biking journey through the wilderness with views that will make your heart race just as much as that last climb.

With endless trails and diverse terrain, bike tours through the mountains of Canada are so much more than a vacation. They’re a rare chance to reconnect with nature as you pedal beyond what you thought was possible (or “through wilderness that’s more beautiful than you dreamed”).

Shift your adventure into high gear...

The mountain bike trails in the South Chilcotin Mountains are famous for a reason. These mountains are perfectly suited to quite a few styles. With the backcountry access that’s unique to our bike tours, cross country, trail riding, and “Big Mountain” Enduro styles are literally at your doorstep. Our established wilderness camps provide the means for you to stay at the epicenter of the best mountain bike trails in the park. Instead of wasting time riding into and out of the park, you are free to test your bike handling skills on a new bike trail each day. Plus, the stunning landscapes and restorative solitude at our camps will give you an extra boost of energy to make the most of each incredible bike trail in the park.

We put the “mountain” back in mountain biking...

For us, mountain biking isn’t about epic descents or crazy stunts. It’s about the defining element that transforms ordinary bike tours into something truly special: the mountain. In our wilderness adventures, the mountains definitely take center stage. Mountain biking from established backcountry camps allows you to ride in remote places on mountain bike trails that are full of awe-inspiring wilderness, not crowds. For us, that’s mountain biking at it’s finest: when you get to ride out of the crowds and congestion and into a genuine encounter with nature.

Part of their world...

Traveling through the mountains on these and sharing the environment with such magnificent creatures is an experience unlike any other. Our horseback adventures allow you to enter this wild world with minimal impact, so you’ll get to observe the natural behavior and habits of our magnificent Canadian wildlife.

Throughout our horse pack trips, every moment brims with the possibility of another breathtaking nature encounter. As our reliable and sure-footed Mountain Cayuse horses (link to “Mountain Cayuse Horses” page) watch the trail, you are free to direct your attention to the wilderness and wildlife that surround you. These kinds of all inclusive vacations allow you to fully savor each moment and relish every view, a rare opportunity in the midst of such rugged wilderness.

Day Tours
  • Ranch Trails Tour
    Intermediate to Advanced
  • Eldorado Tour
    Intermediate to Advanced
  • Eldorado-Spruce-Gun Creek Tour
    Intermediate to Advanced
  • Tyax-Spruce-Gun Creek Tour
    Advanced to Expert

Multi-days Tours
  • Eldorado Basin Tour
    3 days
  • Eldorado-Spruce Lake Tour
    4 days
  • Spruce Lake-Gun Creek Tour
    4 days
  • Tyax-Warner-Spruce Lake Tour
    6 days
  • Chilcotin Pioneer Tour
    7 Days


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