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Hut Based Wildlife Viewing Horse Pack Trips

German page: Horse Pack Trip – Wanderreiten im Herz der kanadischen Wildniss

Hut Based Wildlife Viewing Horse Pack Trips

More than a vacation

Ride into a new kind of wilderness adventure, where how you get there is half the fun. Journey on horseback to breathtaking vistas and unexpected discoveries. Through places where wildlife abounds and awe-inspiring landscapes come standard.

Horse pack trips through this kind of pristine wilderness aren't merely an escape from the ordinary... they're a leap into the extraordinary.

The Journey...

Imagine horseback riding through untamed wilderness, where rushing rivers weave through wide open valleys and towering mountain ranges stretch out beneath vast skies. Where every day brings new trails to explore and horizons to pursue.

Horse pack trips make for a journey unlike any other. Traverse the mountains at nature’s pace,savoring every view and relishing each moment. With trusty horses to show you the way, you can fully lose yourself in the beauty of the wilderness around you. Whether you choose our Grizzly Bear Tracker, Canadian Wildlife Viewing, or The Wilderness Explorer, each of our all inclusive vacations creates a unique opportunity for you connect with nature. You’ll ride through the mountains by day, and camp under the stars at night. Our pack trips utilize established backcountry camps where you can rest up and relive the day’s adventures over a hearty meal. Throughout our horse pack trips, you get to engage with nature in meaningful, authentic ways that will do more than refresh your spirit. This kind of journey invites you to explore new possibilities that are grand enough to match the majesty of this endless wilderness.

Learn by Doing...

Throughout you travel through rugged terrain and take on new challenges in each of our pack trips, you’ll become more confident in your horseback riding abilities. Our guides, who are competent horse wranglers, will gladly share their experience and knowledge through each stage of your journey. From saddling your horse to learning the famous diamond hitch, you’ll come back from your time in the bush with entirely new skills and the confidence to use them.

A View Like No Other...

From horseback, you can see the wilderness in a way that few people get to experience. As you trust our reliable horses to navigate the trails, you are free to fully appreciate the wilderness around you. From the grandeur of towering mountain ranges to the intricacy of the alpine flowers, every nuance of the South Chilcotin Mountains is worthy of undivided attention. While each of our horse pack trips offers a unique focus, the life-changing impact of a genuine wilderness experience is just as powerful in each and every journey.