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Wildlife Tracking & Conservation Hiking

Get involved in conserving nature and its benefits

More than a hike through nature…it’s a hike back to nature.

Hiking to the heart of the wilderness…

Our hiking tours lead you through some of the most stunning wilderness in British Columbia. From wildflower-covered meadows to majestic mountain ranges, the hiking trails in this territory are brimming with the soul-stirring natural beauty of the Canadian wilderness. With an endless network of paths weaving through the mountains, each hiking trail provides a new landscape to admire and experience to savor.

Trail hiking through the pristine wilderness of the South Chilcotin Mountains is more than a vacation. Our hiking tours are an invitation to connect with nature in an authentic, powerful way. One that will likely kindle new dreams with each step as you trek along these ruggedly beautiful hiking trails.

Letting nature take center stage…

Glacier-fed lakes overflowing with turquoise waters, rushing rivers that wind through sweeping valleys, and towering, snow-capped mountain ranges. Every part of this rugged, untouched wilderness is truly special and worthy of undivided attention. Throughout your journey, we focus on the details, so you can focus on the beauty that surrounds you on each new hiking trail. Trained wilderness guides lead our hiking tours, taking care of navigation, trail safety, and logistics. In our hut-to-hut hiking tours, we provide trusty pack-horses that transport all of your gear into and out of each camp, freeing you of the heavy hiking backpacks that are traditionally required for extended trail hiking excursions. And that’s just the beginning. We adjust every detail to ensure that our all inclusive vacations include all of the magnificent nature encounters that you came here for.

Ready for some nature-packed trail hiking? Explore our hiking tours to see which one is right for you…