All girls horse pack trip – a story from our guest

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All girls horse pack trip All girls horse pack trip Thank you Chilcotin Holidays for a fabulous vacation! It exceeded my expectations. Our all women team
of guide and guides in training were fantastic and inspirational in their strength, knowledge, and
resourcefulness. Kristin, Angy and Veronika were amazing. My friends, Helen and Linda, made for an all
women pack trip that was exceptional.

I came with little experience with horses – except for a few lessons I took in preparation for the trip. My horse TeePee was very accommodating – not to mention adorable. Yes, I have a crush. Kristin, our lead
guide led us up steep mountain passes so we could view amazing landscapes and environments. The wild
flowers were beautiful, and we were lucky enough to view a herd of almost 50 mountain goats one day
and have the photos to prove it.

It was really refreshing to be away from the stresses of everyday city life. Having no cell phone, internet, or traffic was blissful. Our three wonderful energetic women guides and guides in training showed me a new side to the Canadian wilderness and I felt safe knowing we were taken care of so expertly. Its a trip that I am sooo glad I took.

Thank you for the experience.

– Colleen, Canada

All girls horse pack trip