Your 2023 Conservation Wilderness Experience in the Chilcotin Ark


Thanks to all our guests, students and interns for your commitment to the stewardship of the Chilcotin Ark and being part of something larger than yourself in 2022. Are you looking for a wilderness experience in 2023 where you can contribute to nature, grow and evolve as a person? All our trips take you into the wilderness of the Chilcotin Ark, a special place for nature and wildlife due to its unique combination of ecosystems. Its resources are internationally recognized and a limited commodity. For this reason it is important to manage and protect the land within the Chilcotin Ark. Spaces are limited to ensure we don’t over-tax the environment we are benefiting from. As a visitor, it is your responsibility to look after the environment you are benefiting from during your trip and get involved in all aspects of your conservation trip. You will be rewarded with the opportunity to experience pure wilderness and wildlife that only a few are able to access and experience.

Access the Chilcotin Ark in a sustainable way

7 day self-guided stewardship mountain bike or hike trip
This self-guided tour leads you through the South Chilcotin Mountains Park and Big Creek Park. Explore the Chilcotin Ark area while gathering data on the flora and fauna of the area. Heli-biking or heli-hiking is one way to access the remote backcountry, but it contributes to the pollution of the environment, displaces wildlife and ruins the nature connection. If you’re looking for a sustainable alternative, travelling through the parks fully under your own power means you can make your contribution to sustainably accessing the Chilcotin Ark and be a steward of the land. Stay in fully stocked satellite research huts, explore the Relay, Big Creek, Upper Tyaughton, Deer Pass, Warner Lake, Hummingbird Lake, Spruce Lake and Eldorado areas, participate in on the ground conservation projects and enjoy a true nature connection.

Is this exactly the sustainable nature experience you’re looking for? Find out more here then take the Wilderness Readiness Survey to start your journey.

Wildlife viewing opportunities, grizzlies with four cubs are unique to the Chilcotin Ark

Guided wildlife research trips

Become a participatory action research steward in the South Chilcotin Mountains Park in the Chilcotin Ark. Choose from a ranch research centre or satellite research hut based wildlife tracking and conservation trip, either five or seven days. Looking for a species focused conservation trip? We offer grizzly and black bear, California Bighorn sheep, cougar and wolf tracking trips. Get involved in conservation projects such as wildlife population counts or grizzly hair collection from grizzly rub trees for DNA analysis. Learn how to saddle your horse, identify the tracks of different animals or build a campfire. Connect to nature by riding the mountain tops, through wildflower meadows and through the habitats of Canadian wildlife. Find out more about the camp-based trips here and the ranch-based trips here

Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone and learn new skills all while connecting to nature and making your contribution to conservation? Check out all our wilderness experiences here (, then complete the Wilderness Readiness Survey to begin your journey.

Learn how to guide guests through the mountains, carrying everything you need by pack horse

Become a mountain guide and steward of the land

Become a steward of the South Chilcotin Mountains Park. Learn how to be a mountain guide for horseback, mountain bike and hiking guests trips with our guide training programs, including how to teach your guests to become stewards of the land. Our horse logging and log cabin building schools teach you about sustainable forest management, carbon storage, driving a horse in harness and cabin building techniques, enhancing your skills as a steward of the land.

Are you looking to invest in yourself and become a wilderness mountain guide and steward? Find out more about our mountain guide training on our website then complete the Wilderness Readiness Survey to begin your journey.


Satellite research huts for rent

Are you looking to get out in nature, either by horseback, hiking or mountain biking with your family or friends? In the South Chilcotin Mountains, our satellite research huts are fully stocked meaning you can travel light and explore the Chilcotin Ark with the security of a cabin from weather and bears. As a steward of the land, you will contribute to the conservation of the Chilcotin Ark by taking part in wildlife population counts or collecting grizzly hair samples for DNA analysis. You can explore Brett Creek, Liza Lake, Grizzly Lake, Eldorado, Spruce Lake, Leckie Valley, Upper Tyaughton or Big Creek, with your cabin as a base.

Looking for the perfect opportunity to connect with nature and yourself? Our satellite research huts give you the opportunity to do this and become a steward of the Chilcotin Ark. Find out more here


Transformational internships

Our interns all come to the ranch to gain experience in the Three Pillars of Nature Connection, Nature Conservation and Personal Development. All of our internships empower you to take responsibility, initiative and ownership for everything you do. Through getting out of your comfort zone, you will achieve more than you imagined, everything from management and entrepreneurship to shoeing horses, cooking meals for thirty people and taking the lead on high level stewardship management projects. Need to complete an internship or research project for your university studies? Our range of internships mean you can gain relevant hands-on experience in your area of study, from business management to sustainable forest and ecology management. We also provide opportunities for research projects that have a real impact. Take a look at at the Chilcotin Ark Institute’s website to find out more.

Want to learn more about our internships? Are you ready for a transformational wilderness internship at our ranch research centre? Take a look at the Trails to EmpowermentChilcotin Holidays and Chilcotin Ark Institute websites so you can start identifying your interests, goals and purpose for coming. Then complete the Wilderness Readiness Survey to take the first step.

Job opportunities

Conservation and stewardship coordinator

The Chilcotin Ark Institute is looking for a conservation and stewardship coordinator to manage participatory action research projects, secure funding for projects, work with government to enhance the management of the Chilcotin Ark and educate the public about the virtues of the Chilcotin Ark.

Mountain guide

We are looking for mountain guides to guide guests by horseback, hiking or mountain biking on ranch research centre and satellite research hut-based trips in the Chilcotin Ark, educating them about the area, getting them involved in hands-on conservation projects and helping them experience a meaningful nature connection.

Dog handler

We are looking for a wilderness steward to train dogs to participate in action research in conservation projects. Care for the dogs including feeding, exercise, basic first aid and project work.

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We look forward to being a part of your next conservation wilderness experience,
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