Photography Tours

Nature and Wildlife Photography Expeditions

Have you ever wanted to be a Professional Photographer? Here is an opportunity to spend four inspiring days learning the foundation for becoming a professional photographer, by reviewing the fundamentals of photographic composition, lighting and design, with an emphasis on the image, whether produced with an iPhone or the latest DSLR camera. We will also draw on experience with narrow time-frame opportunities, and share with you our personal insights regarding how to maximize your time, especially when your window of opportunity may be limited and under less than ideal conditions. Time will be set aside for end-of-the-day critique and review of your photographs, followed by the fundamentals of image processing with Adobe Lightroom for those wanting post-processing instruction.

Chilcotin Holidays share a mutual passion for environmental conservation and stewardship. Accepting the responsibility of wilderness stewardship requires an understanding of the natural conditions of ecosystems that sustain the wildlife that depend on it, and a dedication to protect them. You will have the opportunity to record wildlife sightings of the various wildlife species, as well as collect Grizzly Bear hair samples from territorial marker trees. By assisting in this way, you will be helping us to gather valuable data that contribute to accurate population estimates and determine healthy carrying capacities for the various significant wildlife that call these valleys and mountains home.

Below are our three photography experiences available.

Wildlife and Wildflowers

Travel through wide river valleys, spectacular alpine meadows and awesome mountain peaks. The Chilcotin Mountains offer predictably stable weather with typically sun-filled days and star-filled night skies. Combined with a virtually bug-free environment, you have the perfect combination to take advantage of that special light during the “magic hour.” Depending on the time of year you decide to join one of these tours, you will encounter wildlife species such as Grizzly Bears, Cinnamon Bears - a color phase of the Black Bear - Mountain Goats, Big Horn Sheep, Wolf and Bald Eagles. Early summer offers up a breathtaking bouquet of colorful alpine wildflowers.



A haunting and yet a fascinating journey awaits the enthusiastic travelers as they embark on an exploration of the spirit of people who’ve walked this path before us and of the objects left behind.  Here is an opportunity to capture the heritage in photographs. The very mention of ghost towns will pique the interest of those who seek them out. Such places lost are the most romantic, historical themes that British Columbia has to offer.



Experience the Western Frontier lifestyle complete with cowboys, horses, nature and wildlife. After photographing our horses running through the forests and meadows from their evening pastures down to the barn, you will have the opportunity to photograph saddling up procedures and receive comprehensive orientations in saddling, shoeing and riding. If you time it right, you will have the opportunity to attend and photograph a professional First Nations rodeo during the Lillooet Lake Rodeo in Pemberton in May, or dip netting Salmon on the Fraser River. Overall, this is a perfect chance to capture a wonderful collection of western-themed photographs.