Comprehensive ESL Immersion

Where learning is a way of life

Diverse opportunities for real-world ESL practice

Where learning is a way of life

Our Comprehensive ESL Immersion program involves more than living in an English-speaking environment. We challenge you to interact and converse with the people around you through daily assignments and responsibilities in diverse fields. Whether you test your reading comprehension as you cook up a new recipe or put your ESL listening skills to good use as you learn about bear safety, ESL practice comes in many forms at the ranch. For students who are willing to apply themselves, every moment of the day becomes an opportunity for real-world ESL experience. This kind of 24/7 learning is what makes our approach to ESL immersion so effective.

Diverse opportunities for real-world ESL practice

Our Comprehensive ESL Immersion program provides an engaging and effective way to improve your proficiency in ESL. Located in the remote mountains of British Columbia, our wilderness guest ranch provides diverse ESL activities and endless opportunities for real-world ESL practice. Each situation involves a different context and application for your ESL skills. While this can be challenging at times, these experiences are in place to provide constant ESL practice in all facets of ESL, including ESL conversation and ESL listening. As you apply yourself throughout our Comprehensive ESL Immersion program, you will see dramatic improvements in your speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills.

An inspiring place to learn

Living in the midst of such stunning wilderness often inspires personal development, which enhances your ESL immersion experience. As you attempt new ESL activities in the great outdoors, you’ll likely find you can do more than you ever thought possible. This kind of personal discovery is what builds confidence and a willingness to boldly apply your English skills in each ESL conversation and opportunity for ESL practice. And as you approach ESL with greater certainty and less fear, all of your skills, including ESL listening, will continually progress to new levels.

Along with inspiring confidence, true wilderness also inspires new dreams and ideas. As you explore our pristine mountains and forests, you may find that the vastness of our wilderness encourages you to begin pursuing your own limitless horizons in life. And, with your new English language skills, you will have the ability to pursue your dreams anywhere in the world.

Our Comprehensive ESL Immersion program can be paired with our ESL program. This powerful learning experience will firmly establish your ESL skills and continually challenge you with new ESL activities and opportunities to practice ESL conversation and ESL listening. By participating in both programs, you will gain foundational English skills and a comprehensive understanding of how to apply those skills in real-world situations.



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