Eagle Watching Adventure

Free to soar

Eagles in flight are truly a wonder to behold

Boundless skies. Endless horizons. Watch in wonder as bald and golden eagles soar into the vast expanse of our majestic BC wilderness. Our Eagle Watching Adventures are an invitation to marvel at beauty in flight as you let this soul-stirring wilderness awaken new possibilities and greater visions within you.

Your eagle watching adventure awaits

Eagles in flight are truly a wonder to behold. Their effortless grace as they soar through open skies and remarkable agility as they swoop down upon unsuspecting prey are among the most inspiring wildlife viewing experiences. Our Eagle Watching Adventures take you into pristine BC wilderness as you scan the skies for both golden and bald eagles. As you pursue these magnificent birds of prey both on foot and by truck, your wilderness guide will share fascinating insights about the eagles and the wilderness they thrive in. Throughout these wildlife trips, you get to relish some of the most breathtaking BC wilderness as our guides scout for telltale signs of eagle activity. And because we’ve timed our wildlife trips to align with the prime eagle viewing season, there’s plenty of wildlife viewing activity. During your eagle watching trip, you’ll likely get to observe the birds up close as they scavenge for food across the frozen, rugged terrain. You may even see them alight to one of their nests tucked in the cliffs or lofty tree tops.

A setting unlike any other

The rugged cliffs, thick forests, and endless skies of the South Chilcotin Mountains provide the perfect habitat for our thriving populations of golden and bald eagles. These birds of prey make the most of their environment, as do we. Our approach to eagle watching combines the thrill of wildlife viewing with the beauty of our spectacular BC wilderness. Throughout your journey, the snow covered forests, towering mountains, and icy lakes make the moments between each eagle sighting all the richer. And that’s our goal for these wildlife trips: to highlight the wonders of the wilderness and make your encounter with nature a meaningful one.

  • Watch for these mighty birds of prey, soaring over mountain lakes before they dive into a near free fall to seize their prey
  • Behold the dazzling beauty of Canada’s snow-covered landscapes
  • Explore the frost-covered shorelines and rugged terrain where eagles scavenge for nourishment in the depths of winter
  • Witness Canada’s majestic wildlife in their natural habitat

Day 1
  • Early morning departure from Vancouver aboard the Chilcotin Express Shuttle
  • Midday arrival and lunch at the ranch
  • Map orientation that highlights the trails and places you’ll explore throughout your eagle watching expedition
  • Learn to identify signs of eagle activity and favorable spotting conditions
  • Journey to key viewing locations, by truck and on foot, to scan the skies for golden and bald eagles
  • Return to the ranch for dinner
  • Overnight in ranch accommodations
Day 2 and 3
  • Hearty breakfast at the ranch
  • Grab your spotting scopes and binoculars before we embark on our eagle viewing adventure
  • As you ride by truck or hike to key lookouts, scan the rugged cliffs and lofty treetops for signs of eagle activity
  • Learn more about eagles, their instincts and adaptations, and the wilderness they thrive in
  • Break for lunch
  • Continue our eagle viewing expedition, this time focusing our gaze on the tree-lined shores of icy lakes
  • Drive back to the ranch for a homestyle dinner
  • Overnight in ranch accommodations
Day 4
  • Breakfast at the ranch
  • Venture out for one final eagle watching adventure
  • Drawing upon observations and signs of eagle activity from the past two days, we maximize the morning’s viewing opportunities
  • Return to the ranch for a farewell lunch
  • Depart from the ranch, arriving in Vancouver in the evening

**Please Note: Our trips are subject to the unpredictable weather and terrain conditions that come with a mountainous environment. And while we do our best to stick to the itinerary, there are times when the current conditions and needs of the group require us to adjust schedules, campsites, etc. This is part of any true wilderness experience, however, and we are well equipped to adapt the adventure to changing conditions.



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