Birdwatching Adventure

Birdwatching in these mountains makes for special birding holidays

Experience the thrill of seeing the bird from your guidebook flit into view or hop across your path.

Whether you’re well-versed in birdwatching jargon like, “pish,” “spark birds,” and “dipped,” or you’re a complete newbie to the idea of birding holidays, there are abundant species here to delight any avian enthusiast. Our pristine wilderness is known for its populations of common loons, grouse, ptarmigan, bald eagles, and other prized species. So bring your enthusiasm and expertise, and we’ll supply a birdwatching paradise in our endless wilderness.

A birder’s paradise

The pristine wilderness and diverse environments that surround our ranch provide a rich setting for birding breaks. Our park is uniquely positioned in a bioclimatic transition zone, which fosters diverse birdwatching and wildlife viewing habitats, from rocky alpine tundra to mixed forests with dense undergrowth. The variety of plants and insects, from the berries of the low alpine to the needles of alpine conifers, further supports the abundance of species here that make for memorable birding holidays. This rare combination of extensive, undisturbed habitats and a bounteous food supply fosters larger than average populations of specific species. This provides greater and more consistent opportunities for birdwatching.

During our birding holidays, you can see:

  • Horned Lark
  • American Pipit
  • Rock, White-Tailed, and Willow Ptarmigan
  • Franklin’s, Blue, and Ruffed Grouse
  • Red and White-Winged Crossbills
  • Pine Grosbeaks
  • Gray and Stellar’s Jay
  • Clark’s Nutcracker
  • Common Loon
  • Chickadees
  • Nuthatches
  • Pine Siskin
  • Golden-Crowned and Red-Crowned Kinglets
  • American Dippers
  • Hermit and Swainson’s Thrushes
  • American Robin
  • Magnolia and Yellow-Rumped Warblers

Our birding breaks also provide the opportunity to see stunning birds of prey:

  • Bald Eagle
  • Golden Eagle
  • Gyrfalcon
  • Northern Harrier
  • Red-tailed, Swainson’s, and Rough-Legged Hawks
  • Prairie Falcon
  • Great Gray and Great Horned Owls
  • Three-toed, Black-Backed, Hairy, and Pileated Woodpeckers
Thrill of the chase

While many consider birdwatching to be tame pursuit, we see it as an adventure-filled scavenger hunt through wild places and wondrous habitats. Birding breaks encourage you to explore the wilderness in a way that few people ever get to. That’s why we make sure our birding holidays are nature-rich experiences that make every step of your wildlife viewing adventure as fulfilling as your ultimate goal of spotting that elusive species. From our remote wilderness setting to the absence of distracting excesses, we craft all of our wildlife viewing experiences, including our birding holidays, to bring your back to nature.

  • Watch for mighty birds of prey, soaring over mountain lakes before they dive into a near free fall to seize their prey
  • Behold the dazzling beauty of Canada’s landscapes
  • Explore the frost-covered shorelines and rugged terrain where birds scavenge for food
  • Witness Canada’s majestic wildlife in their natural habitat

Day 1
  • Early morning departure from Vancouver aboard the Chilcotin Express Shuttle
  • Midday arrival and lunch at the ranch
  • Map orientation that highlights the trails and places you’ll explore throughout your birdwatching expedition
  • Learn to identify signs of bird activity and favorable spotting conditions
  • Journey to key viewing locations, by truck and on foot, to scan the skies, ponds and lakes for birds
  • Return to the ranch for dinner
  • Overnight in ranch accommodation
Day 2 and 3
  • Hearty breakfast at the ranch
  • Grab your spotting scopes and binoculars before we embark on our birdwatching adventure
  • As you ride by truck or hike to key lookouts, scan the rugged cliffs, lofty treetops, ponds and lakes for signs of bird activity
  • Learn more about the bird species that we have around here, their instincts and adaptations, and the wilderness they thrive in
  • Break for lunch
  • Continue our birdwatching expedition, this time focusing our gaze on the tree-lined shores of lakes
  • Drive back to the ranch for a homestyle dinner
  • Overnight in ranch accommodation
Day 4
  • Breakfast at the ranch
  • Venture out for one final birdwatching adventure
  • Drawing upon observations and signs of bird activity from the past two days, we maximize the morning’s viewing opportunities
  • Return to the ranch for a farewell lunch
  • Depart from the ranch, arriving in Vancouver in the evening

**Please Note: Our trips are subject to the unpredictable weather and terrain conditions that come with a mountainous environment. And while we do our best to stick to the itinerary, there are times when the current conditions and needs of the group require us to adjust schedules, campsites, etc. This is part of any true wilderness experience, however, we are well equipped to adapt the adventure to changing conditions.


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